Po-sse-ssing these few
On my fin-gers and My Toes
— not much but e-nough

Sun-ken lo-yal-ty
surged in-to the a-byss of
syn-the-tic shrug off .

Suck-ing in-to voids
An e-ni-g-ma ma-chine
–The Con-fu-sion cirque.

en-mi-ty vents
pro-pa-ga-ting sooth-sa-yer—
Such A par-a-no-id

frail-ty to in-dulge
E-ven with the count-a-ble –
Please no more stran-gers .

For throng fur-ni-shes
Noth-ing but suf-fo-ca-tion_
vague sanc-tu-a-ry

So ra-ther eye lurk
With-in the truest fond-ness : My :
_______ im- ag – i- na – tion !


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