Fireball peels off it’s hard edges..
Peels off em’ blues all open..
Engulfing pulps all pale
Walloping timbres on windowpane-
Colors have now begin to burgeon here
As naked trees start weaving
thier shawls around branches
Tucking its bust with foliate
The red And white erotic sap
Seduces all Apiformes
And cocoons all they crack
As roses erects on dry terra firmas.

Even the Sun has bloomed here
On streets and corners
With Trees and Sickles and Cows
New promises and neverending vows
Such festive atmosphere here
The populace in alliance
With Optimism and consonance
blooming on thoroughfare-
yodelling and feasting
Uplifting and yomping
For their faith in the signs
That has made them
Worthwhile of being for a time being.
Soon the new is to blossom here..
Out of their rights
Inter-group fights
Shalt there be lights
Security at nights
No dry taps
No societal gaps
Yes all these hoax plights
Have bloomed within the nation


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