Those nugatory pride in being unified
All it was but the act of vengeance,
The deeds of genocide..
Unwritten history got raped,
Originality reshaped,
The errection of varna
Shanghaied into the Dharma
To fill ones forehead with sacrifices
Confined only to bow down to stones
While was it the air and water and earth
The spirits that fortified our bones.
1846  – कोत पर्व
Fabric of Intrigue and
the rise of autocracy
Isolationism . Debauchery .
Trading off the sentient asset..
To gollop from their asses
in exchange for filthy lucre..
and Choke on it,
Corruption squelS from every street.
104 Years of  gluttony,
Supression and agony
सती प्रथा.. दाश प्रथा..
सात सालको क्रान्ति
र त्यस पछिकाे अर्काे कथा
Civil liberties curtailed ..
Press freedom restrained..
Untill the 90 when
‘ together ‘ The multiparties inflated..
‘ together ‘ Panchayat  they castrated.

The serrated tune hits my memory fresh
That grisly night of bloodshed
Those hundred mornings of Mourning heads.
Whole nation soaked in gore..
5761 days-
Yet everything unsettled concealed at its core..
The Narayanhiti mystery
Lost within the fabricated history.
Guerilla war :
Reek of lachrymator
Fills cranium with terror
Those nights of curfews
Endless days of horror
Masses resonance down the streets
gunning and bombing and charging sticks..
dialectical  confrontation between  brothers,
People of victimized class and the leftist druthers.
Devouring the revolutionary Curse..
Coffins overstated with remorse..
All. for .zilch.
Glitch scar the only attain.
And even after the monarchy has been eradicated
Still lingers this remnants of feudal mindset
kaput 601 flunked effectuating thier fucked up pledge
Capitalism here.. teetering permanently forever on the edge.

Where did we go wrong ?

Oh where did we ?


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