This maze.
This cage.
A new day..
A new phase..
Another story.
Same random sways.
Rant. and . rage.
purple haze
muddled ways
ahh Nevermind .
the tick tock ticks tap 4 o clock’..
but here I am Still Wide awake as fuck.
Sni..ffin’ caffeine.
And cRYaving the gr..een.
Flipping arbitrary pages..
All diluted gazes..
Le strenuous juncture.
These somnolent nights.
As the impetuous befalls,
the amnesia betides.
And the activation
Of Pshycomotor agitation
Iritation and hesitation
now all Crushing the crust
of craggy clefty confound cranium .

Fucking Insomniac. OH ! mad mad terrible.


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