Mustering fortitude..

For the ones who i still have
Despite the differences:
the stand bys
and the acceptance.
From all those I ever had..
The right ones . the true ones
The inner rusts
Vile, bogus. the lost ones
savoring not only the frolic hue
But as well the stagnation
and the devils blue .
For living is not just about
opulence. merriment and glee.
Is it?
For what is Life ?
without some misery and affliction?
murk and  desolation?
The deprivation.
Some dejection.
Yea and the depression is real
Got nothing here to conceal
The dellusions . Illusions.
Delirium and Confusions.
All … Real.
See ! i dont give a fuck about your God
or those who wants me to find one.
To search heaven inside thier television set
To obey.
To follow .
blindfolded and hollow.
To reckon
and feebly swallow..
Whatever they feed me.
Because i have seen enough
felt and faced enough
To fathom’
No mortal. No Jovian . No fuckinprescription gonna halt these whirlwind.
The escape is nowhere but within.
For this is Me
I am my own creator
My own enemy
The self victim . A disease
I am my own remedy.
If I can split –
So can I coalesce
I  shall transgress
Withstand and aggress
All these sways shall I supress
And  again
will i hold the grisp of reality
Define back my own morality
To live laugh learn for humanity
For this life has no guarantee myan
And I choose to rot in between these vicissitude
Only to rise stronger.


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