Yet again..

The murder of a benign concern..
An indigent colleen,
My sister..
Left away the anguish of 11 missed calls
And her bitter dubiety of
being bumped into ignorance.
Only if it was unknown.
Only if was the unknown..
then gaily would i swallow the excuse..
For strangers and delusions have always blended together.
For have i always detest these preface:
Like receiving to response my own fucking recognition?
I would rather omit it.
And few times..
assuredly I even elide the notables..
For have the “Hello” always been so so cumbrous.
Perhaps. Many time .
But yours was not hell-bent sister,
Its this aversion to transmitting voices..
the vocalization and the socialization..
often culminating my Blower..
Or else dormant
Or on flight .the most.
For oh Hast it always been the Blower..
Like The tintinnabulates striking anxiety
Or the elucidation provoking stutter.
And the taciturn muting conversations.

So..I rather eliminate it all ..thee see.

Sister ! You were not disdained deliberately fact, everyone i solicitude have been this audible domain.

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