Clueless . Heedless.

A futile attempt to opine out if it’s the quotidian shifting random mood episodes Or the placebo effect from last day’s odorless taste or is it infact but the meteorology. A total rhapsodic plight engulfs me just like these opaqued foggness. Tempting me to embrace every leakage of the chillness penetrating… flicking my hair. caressing my skin. Snogging my bones and as these vapours from in between my lip melts into the wetness of this seductive whiteness.. i clasp the curves to soak my maw.. the slurp  of hot fluid bangs my gustatory buds with burst of Cardamons and The smack of blackest marich and That ginger  piquancy..Sweet as fucking sin. This climax. This sudden discharge of accumulated excitement of being alive .
Despite this numb quivering manus.
This sleep deprived dilated pupils.
This bolshie dire SADness.
I succumb to this lust.
This thirst.
This craving..
All to endure this one exquisite misty morn.


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