Heliophiliac . Frigophobiac.

The wintertide gain..
icicles sharp and brittle.
barren tree limbs. harsh winds.
the dark outstripping the days:premature
this Achromatic existence.

This SADness..

| awakening is strenuous |
wide open alongside the roosters howl
still snugged under the fondness of blankets
spurning to vacant the warmth of I’s own body
only if… the morn never did transpire.
This SADness..
erupting from the toes..
The gelid .anesthetic stir
trembling up the spine
‘ misty cranium
‘ rimy emotions
‘ blizzard thoughts
‘ sluggish physique
‘ leaden psyche
‘ bloodshed optic
The Mood avalanche
The comatose zest.

This Seasonal Affective Disorderness..


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