I lost it all. 

16-10 : colors and blood and trespassing. Limpid yonder. The  unfurled ether. Flitting triangles and honking crackers..all them bamboo oscillation. 16-10:  the month of encountering unknown faces with familiar foreheads. 100 % alcoholic – pure non-veg. Gobbling fats : gulping bottles. And eye there..making maximum usage of an endless supply of free episodes; Cursing  lofty  price, Bitching government,  whining much and wine-ing more. Resuming the grasp of cancer stick back and loosing grip of my weapon of mass creation. UNCLAD ! DRIFT ! Until the 16-11: odd and None. N nostalgia. N nausea. N numb. Narcotics. Nervousbreakdown… Nobody… November.. N –  month of the pure white massif commanding over K town. Crystalline. Transparent. And the hibernal mode activating step by step. Just like us tramping to witness the alp closer. 12 hours continuous traipsing. Mad mad walkers. The gonzo rovers.  Creating rhythm of the tip toe tip ..the toes on paths and fallen leaves and the melody of crickets and birds and chill chill wind. Perhaps then the circling rituals… hunting the rapture, molding  the ta-ta-da-ta-da – myan everything that hits the lughole with mind and head and neck and leg and UNLEASH! RELEASE! Then in Betwixt.. The cognizance – that- I might have lost something but In fact I have everything. The horizon and woods. The pit . The music. My Fam and friends. and I knew exactly where to find them .always . In the vicinity of  the Himalayas. Among the baked locus. the burning masses.Up. High In Within..the sanctuary of the freaks..

I have it all.

What I truly have shall never fade.  What I have now shall I forever hoard.


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