This is my chance. A journey within’

Got to explore and  learn .

for this faith in benevolence.

Fighting for the  broken ones , Marginalized and the MVs..

How it feels to walk in someone else’s shoe ?

 fuck that.. atleast I have been through..

through My imagination.  Thoughts . Head and heart .

And them can repose upon me…

believe..hope.. all that’s  now residual.

For the credence in humanity and justice.

In a sphere where love fabricates no sense

Suffer. Kill. sham. condemn

Ohh!! I am not here to preach.

Just like you I am meant to shrivel into a grave.

But as long as Us suspire..

You are self-contained. a leberal

so FLARE-UP ! Rise. Defend .Fight . SURVIVE !

For only this: can I accord....

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