Well. Yaa eye can’t stop to exaggerate the neurons. can’t bide still , you know. Vexation haunts me easily.. so either I need to be engrossed by someeverthing or else forging things up in the cranium is the sole option. Option! bequeath me two and I shalt deliver  you the double. For I am this very very inept at choosing and deciding and planning shit. Mayhap I have this Damage on the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex . AND then You state me being often voiceless and mostly lost : the instant I utter whatever is on, subsequently you bleat im crraAAazZy? HuH meeeEE? Okey you ought not to know why i  elect rather to linger mute. I don’t meet peoples on regular basis for me is  this contradictory every other day. My mood proceeds parallel to 299 792 458 m / s. Ah Nevermind you wont get the ultra ultra rapid cycling. Do you ? YOU ont get me. my thoughts. Yes I  cant fucking stick to a same thing…my hobbies are seasonal…emotions unstable… relations Ephemeral .And…and..  All this you heed. judge. criticize.. but fail to sight the fluctuating waves ? the Shedding globe ? The mounting antagonism  ? governing materialism ? Altering places and peoples and pride?

And still you are whining about the too muchness ? Huhh?  Well I cant make you change that- et le vice versa. FUCKING RIGID!

” Ahh oi chill brah. fuck them myan. perhaps we don’t belong here. Reality is just a projected illusion within the hologram. and these cunts are buying it. And you..Now stop Moaning  hypocrite bitch. haha .”  Autumn emerges.

Ya whatever! Lets get outta here !

( Then She enters the sanctum..locks and bolts..half flat on the bed..starring the wall...and her universe is back again. Autumn smirks )



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