Intense irritation and Itch.

What a mirth to discern that sudden drops firing on the tin roof today.. Myan such stifling here even the fan farts torrid air. Each clock waking up with new bumps and itchiness and the rashes of small vesicles.. miliaria rubra! miliaria rubra! Fuck. But the rapture to scuff with zigzag unguis till the spot turns bloddy bloddy red . swells. blisters POPs ! relief ! and the sensation of 100rd needles pricking..crawling up and down up and down. Sweaty sweaty pores…blocked ! trapped beneath| Itsy-bitsy ants marching on my neck . tee. Legs…the table, walls, fucking everywhere myan. And and eensy- titchy sspiders too. Soak my gullet with icy-black. blacker the better . Damn! Basslines Make me hoooorny. Whats more sexier than a naked myan slappinga tha bassa. Flea oh flea.  Tim. Chancellor. Firstt somebody rather hook me up with mary jane. Too much of dry chowchow recently I nearly pooped boiled noddles !! A Lizard landed on I mat-tre-sss outta nowhereee? Oh fucking Magic ! and this new 4 bumps alla sudden? magic ! Myaaaaziiick. Tadda! My stupendous fidus Achates from mars are Here now…HURRRAY!!!

Wait till we find you and slay yu all fucking bed bugs.



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