Some bonds..Intact. Solid. Sunder.AWOL  but never  jilt.

Mayhap the o’clock. Hiatus for awhile…but shalt eye transpiring invisible within those crowds of pshycotic mass..cavorting . scuttling . whooping. Suspiring… letting all out in symmetry. forging every note hitting the lughole. Same pace and blood and pit- the sanctuary. The random clan gathering. The solemn fam ritual.

 Fam and Not known to its universal connotation .The scarce – all  Rotten and gone. Whilst i find it beneath the  kaross of the freaks. swaddle of earthy rebels. The misfits .The mavericks ..And all them disordered.

Like a switch on and off and on and offff.. nevermind the switching phases. for forever eye be the shifting uniform..with that same bawling  rib cage..same prompting stitches ..same broken ways and fucked up head.. but then these swelling onus ‘ along the days and months and years. much ibility to the response it is . All inscrutable .

All inevitable it is…this…the swelling response to the ibility. It fucks you up myan. Grow wing  hast been zilch but the woolf- losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.

Hiatus is vital
Ignorance is bliss

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