She murmured….

Stories of father possessed by the ichor of daughters and how the trees remained naked after being touched by the  inception of umbilical cord.

And she is illicit to pat .smudge. feed any other cattle here or to stroll along the green green meadows.  For she is vouchsafed with the Bhasmasur Touch. For she is forever endowed with catamenia. For she has this supremacy in her blood to turn all Adam’s ale un-palpable… behold ! she is to be stowed in the shed with her greasy , matted mane and condemned rouge smear on her rugged linen. For her crude is epidemic, all should be strained with either goldaqua or the holy ’s bladder discharge.

For she is the debase. The fetid. She the splotch and the wetted.


Inch by Inch..shredding the limit of endurance,  then emanates the ominous, armed with sickle.. nipples shielded with skulls of the neonate ..slurping the Bristol . Then the emaciated anemic flesh it is . Then Unbolted condone maw it is .And orbs like the menorrhoea.. trembling the sheds with her labor roars, falling upon impetuously. Brandishing.  Slaughtering the licentious pichases  and wrapping the vulva with them all severed arms. She devours those hordes of the foes of the bleeding impures .. And she shall bleed every menarche triumphantly… For it is no any anathema but the divinest power. Only her kind could beget.

For she is the black. The Shakti. She who is death and the fertility.

She is artemis. Athena .the isis. the banshee . Durga . Eileithyia. the Gaia. Hecate. Nemesis. the Hathor. Selene . Ishtar. the tawaret. the You. Me. She is us and together we shall Drip agin the Taboo.


Chaupadi pratha : A Menstrual taboo . Still practiced  in the far western NEPAL where bleeding girl is a powerful, polluting thing: something to be feared and shunned and banned .

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