Eye relish this.

The zoom of spurt crawling into my bloodstream as eye inject self with divergent horizons and ever-changing landscapes. craving for all extra oxygen to shoot..to ooze self into an euphoric state . forever seeking whatsit. artefact .  much erratic uncanny thoughts to muse .muse. ponder and breakdown. IT ramps up my breathing rate..thee see.  Breathlessness is sine qua non. either the ultimate compulsion.or the schmooze with a hot creature ( eye am highly strung ) or wrangling with the random..or whichsowhatfuckingever that scrapes the dermis against a facet. tattoos and  mosh and stings .IT  feeds me.. keeps me vigorous.. ..Predominantly: The footslog.

Perhaps. must evanesce now. .to find the pulsation onto the lug-hole and massive hidrosis. Will  descry  you all when  I sight you all.. VALE! untill i sniff the massif air. roll the cumulonimbus and hover away..

Until the withdrawal prodrome obliterates ..Until and again.


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