It is really strenuous to get this done.

Having read the 16 pages for more than the 16th times. adding little a and the and ings every other time.. chewing along the rhythms of the unpredictable flow of the depressing keys.and Stacking tapes in between…like Placing the metacards…green blue white..colors by colors . like empty Ice cube boxes vexing me . like Gums on exigency. And I chew all along  the beats of the flow into the basin..while I lave my hands and the whoosh whoosh sound: as I scour it with the liquid and rinse off the lather. Rushing to the lavatory always ending up on the rooftop . elevation and zephyr. Elevation and zephyr. The elevation and the zephyr. This zenith doze of caffeine. BLACK BLACK BLACK .

Cracking knuckles.

Knitting braids.

Chewing along the ringtones of any body

or the ventilation of the cranium

or the manoeuvre of the orbs.

Ooops ! the adumbrate got into a pigeonhole.

Le report has been mothballed.

Refusing to chuck on the chewing gums

to choke on the chewing gums.

The tick has hit the slog Hour balls.

Dismiss !


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