Enter !

word after word. Tables. Ctrl- C. Type. Insert. MS. Filter. Sort. Codes. Ctrl-V. Borders | minor threat | MS.  Autosum. Ctrl-N. Slides. Design . F5. MS. Type .Ctrl-B .Type. Sort. Word . Ctrl-U.sentence. word. |Sniff on caffeine |  Print. Sort. Accentuate . NO ! write. write. . Ctrl-Z . |ample-eyed | Repeat. Cite. Probe. Appraise. Type. Type. 13 % . Stance. scout . Plug. Recommence. Biscuits… | gorilla biscuits |

mmm..ooo… oh… OHH OHH oooH OHHHH … The odium act of gettin fucked by the deadlines. HARD!


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