Ineligible for the herd:

Not fitting among the sheep .

Not finding sanctuary in the Conformity .

impotent but passionate .

Eccentric but true.

And we dont need your acceptance.No We dont need your approbation.

It must be wearying for you to discern what this manus can effectuate , when the scars and nails are what you judge. Something that you never bothered to espy when the same hook was what pulled you out. I am not here to prove or please. Mais To cease what I  had commenced. Then I am fucking done. and no that wont make me a failure. For failure is falling down and refusing to get up. As Me?  from the funeral pyre..from the ashes- the errors, the rues and the learnings… I RISE !

This till the ultimate tick.

For thats all i got.

To try and Fight and persevere and live.

This for what I truly believe in

Among them who hold one’s ground..

|authentic |  | inacquiescence | And We dont fucking need your rubber stamp.



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