Amber eyed. unpigmented skin. raw-boned .

Such Tedious but frisky rug rat was he. Always making several attempts to find windows and climb. or tables and crawl.  or anything like twisted together . Once he showed me a green cord hanging off of mine and really three shades of green ? never did notice that. While the rest too immersed into the boards and alphabets and rules, always on the corner, he be..starring at anything but not human.  Nutso they said. But Agog i knew. Naughty chair they said, but le single noir four feet lap he knew. Clench and grasp made lass , lad fall. That’s how he reveled heart. Oh never he knew ways. Tugged my mane and twitched my sleeves just to apprise me of his good intention. Invariably I High-fived.  But never did it worked with the others. And had he , this tendency to park whatever in maw, no wonder we kept getting short of rubbers and crayons and playdoughs and Most pencils would randomly evanescent. Only If anybody knew when why would he outburst those laughter suddenly all suddenly soon  flooding out salty liquid down through them small depression on that pale cheek…If only.

“Ami ! look” I knew to the opposite direction i should. But unsure if pointing at things was harder or to utter R and TA together was.

Others followed. because protégé had to but there he was: insisting on the smell of my remy latour cigar or my damp snowy hair. Not lesser than any manufactory products : goods assembled chiefly by machine all they same  ( Phrontistery has become more like a business company  here) but there he was.. FACTORY SECOND.. little traces of me …like how we ended up in front of the faucet . 13 times a day…or stacking up gubbins. 13 in a row…. or clutching the horn-like envelope of fingers..13 seconds constant.

Had this rug rat in my class. Oh  was he not fine but he was FREE.

Flawed..Insane.. scant  echoes of me !


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