How unfair is life within itself !

Frustrated. And I am not savoring it. NO ! Done nil. Same fuckin routine…After pondering whole night “ what am i doing?”, waking up to repeat the same fuckin routine….Yup  rotten away into this fucking nothingness…Fuck !

Its not tht im not happy wid my life. I am indeed. Bt still this fuckin systm ppl here push me back. Fuck them. I dnt wanna work to buy new clothes hbe fancy foods pay bills. I want to work to travel. I care nothin beyond tht. Ive been stuck here for like thousands years n more. Im enough wid it. Fuckin run n run n runn n neve look back. [ sic ]

it’s just about the fuckin stamp on the green book and then the struggle and then the money. It’s always about those paper . It’s everything but nothing. Et The tourists you  cited: they are like fuckin transitory myan. I wont say all ..but many are just hippies within the territory. Once stride with their realm..they ought to bleed their ass off..why ? Because they too need it, to gross the boodle to come and  survive on cheap countries like the third worlds where they are the  white alien god from across the salt chuck  where roads are golden and nights never sleep. Infact they are same fucking same.. it’s just the exchange value differs huge. The system is fucked up everywhere . But all how one lives is that matters.Some people exist. That’s all.

And no we don’t fall into the some.  Let’s never.

I am not bragging about Nepal . Neither am i lionizing the overseas . But if u feel stucked. sucked. fucked up HERE . Leave! Glide !  I wish to believe but belief is a graveyard. For I know this place.. is way too narrow for us to grow.

Myan we got a long life ahead ( or perhaps I tend to imagine that ) and we got a short life ahead ( perhaps life is the  unpredictable ) ..but what remains ever is this hope. you know I Google alot. I Google wierd places. beautiful places. I Google animals. I Google adventures. I google cities .. hills. volcanoes.Gigs.  I sight things which i have never seen and also I see there, same the fuckin humans as we. Then I  divulge self ” fuck yea ! plus une on the bucket list. ”  Infact thats what keeps me prompt myan.. towards the unknown future ..a further step towards the swelling dream..

Nevermind. gradually the fluke might favor us and we could  have the time in our palms.

Perhaps.Sooner or later..
Peculiarly want to witness the ocean..feel the waves. Consume the beach. I  want to see the horizon as the fading blue meets the floating blue….
Fuck the subscription. Need to follow mine insane youtube channels for real.

And One dayy soonn reall soonn.
yea and when we will..we shall.
We will.we shall.


( Extracted from the Cavernous Chinwag between Illfeet and Nobody. )

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