Matriarch ! latterly have been incapacitating your stability with mine insanity. Ain’t I? Hark me mère I don’t intend to hurl these tantrums and rampage upon thee. Somehow your ‘serrated locution’ triggers mine swings.. you know ..shudders off the inquietude and trembles out all the detained inclinations. Earnestly ! why would i plot to mutilate your contentment ? Eye amour  vous. You sense that.  Vous ne? But then these  fathomless despair.  grandiose delusion. vexation. exhilaration.psyche-loathe .rhapsody ’ all merges into une and impels me oozing  feculent vocables. Thereupon quelling me with guilt-trips and rues.  Fret nae Mais!  I am endeavoring to stabilize Selves. Trust Me Madre! eye am.


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