| RATM- Full volume on the background |

Slothful and sluggish.. slanting the back on pillow to the walls. Still half flat on the bed, scrolling down down  the manipulation wannabe hipster retro filtered vintage food pictures . Timekeeper has hit the 8 already. Usually that white bulbous ticktock thing on the four legged figure would nudge you but today its arms are stuck to 6 and 2 and 5.5. Everything comes with an expiry date.

Fuck! I m going to be late for work again

Stood! Woozied and blurred. “ Ughh! ” anyways  rushes straight to the lavatory , the comfort station where creative and exceptional ideas emerge but expeling faeces fails. Why ? because constipated ! Sitting on the great ivory commode throne whisking the tooth ..faded enamel tooth..cavity queen tooth… | It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime What better place than here, what better time than now?  |  Gargles. Splashes.Wipes.

Fuck! I will be late ! ieee will be late !

Mistakenly Strikes end toe on the chair while reaching for the krwʌsɒŋ  “  fuckk !! ” grasping the crois by mouth and hands struggling to thrust the right feet to jeans all horizontal.This is the new sound, just like the old sound Just like the noose wound, over the new ground. |Oie Sniff!! Cmmma!! khana aiza !!” mash! Split! Pour! Victual is served. Now towards the door, Fetches the bag – 100 % pure Hemp, made in Nepal. Gets the helmet. and Keys…KEYS ! where are the keys?? Hunts on the key holder. NO. Shifts to the rack. Nein. Under the table, beneath the mattress, Slides every drawer..Negative.

Where the fuck did le key go ? “ AMAA!! Chhabi dekhnu vayo ??” Sniff stares in perplexity. “ K ?” OH amaa z not here. Keys. keys. I am late .so fucking late. 15 minutes passed.. Alright YOU MR G.O.D why don’t you prove me ur existence now huh! Cuz you dont exists right? Man-made huh? “

Empties the closet. rummage In-between the clothes. Suddenly, “  oh!!!!!! ” ..Escapes series of stairs . Tramps. Strides. Scavenges the base. then there finds the key stuck up happily behind scooter’s ass. “ Motherfucker!! I knew it”. 

musters whatever all .never omits the earphone. Operates and zooooms off.

| For it’s the end of history. It’s caged and frozen still . There is no other pill to take so swallow the one that makes you ill.

The nina

The pinta

The saaanta mariaaa………………. |




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