Sombre Tuesday. Homologous to Le mood eyy. Prolly its gonna downpour: but i have left  my rags dangled for the sun..Poor em’ got forbidden within the rough pail the whole former  30 hours . They are up the roof now..hmm..though i know its gonna rain,  Couldn’t sway  myself there like and let the  condensed moisture of drops mop away me..actually I was right on clock at work today. Hah! for may be second or third time in my entire drudgery lifespan. ne’er good with these times and  liaisons and mental states and aerodromes. The fucking Ports are full of lachrymose souls anyway. By dhe wae!  How do u pen a abdication ? I saw it. They have commenced stretching the pavement for more grimes and fumes for the wheels.  Silent corner is changing. Ahh where was eye ? Yaa  am gobbling my another  tasse of  caffeine  doze “Black as night sweet as sin.” And..and..Had non- biscuit for mes neighbor’s know i didn’t.  He was gazing me  with those woeful  bona fide eyes like always. And tethered to the railing like always. And i could do nothing you know. All but fantasize  of  nailing that vicinal Mrs.meaty-ass barbaric hag ..tethered. peeling off her dermis,  lacerating  her oofy thigh and thorax and steam pressure. Yum What a moreish treat for sniff and twenty could that be huh?  Maa kvetching about my chamber: filthy. Feculent !! but Maa its not awful maa I endure here maa This universe is where I belong maa. But no . This zilchness… This unpigmented anima…and this ultra rapid rapid rapid  /ˈsʌɪklɪŋ / lefts me Nobody .


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