Dear zo zo,

It’s dismal here: the day and the core. Been waiting for the cloudburst since morn but the drops Kinda showed up late however like a scotch mist and the sun has gone AWOL. How are you my sister? How are things on the other side ? The loch and the stoned maison..the greens and the fishtail ? Often do thee forge in my thoughts howbeit once have we chat et Le rencontrer . May be we are both fucked up may be thats what created this bond and I suck so bad at conversing . Eye did probe through your feeble attempts..Myan! You have fully fledged with the words and a bliss it is to voir you evolve into such a beauteous mortal. Inside:out. Hmmm..and..and..nothing. got caught a glimpse of your email and sommer swept out to scribble the keys . Nevermind these waves of emotion..Oft it collides. Oft it ruptures. Not have a fuckin clue when shalt this flow reemerge.

Au revoir mademoiselle Z  !

Fitfully yours,



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