Vapors rising up against these damp sticky threads like some falling branches splitting into two. three. and four all into one..merging the smolder – the opaque angst.. slug dripping off the wet  gore rouge cilice just to paint the lungs noir.  As malaise consumes the room  grey ..the thoughts go plunge. haste.stampede..And then this ten long squirming digits spreading out of a huge crooked metacarpus engraved with popped up flesh and cicatrix and tips buried deep below the curves all bitten up and crammed with  tars as it fictions against the graveled flesh…up and down…up and down…all way trembling ..shaking…hunting for anything to grapple’ to occupy’  to soothe this confrontation of perceptions within selves.. for these cognizance collides . .eyeballs absence to heed..absence to slumber.  abducted since prior night into the state of binge eat. binge sweep . OTT ire.  OTT irk. Detestation. Desolate…DETACHED !


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