Here…the ceilings are high with boxes. Ivory square boxes.. owning bulbs and anthropoids. How content must they be? To wake and brush.shit.enshroud and forge straight up to the fifth. is so expensive..expensive raiment and expensive warrants. How splendid of them ? Prompt to the clock and mandates and cores. … cram your receptacle with “importance, worth, respect, conceit” but nothing without self self self. Get thee amour propre at its climax ami. And cuuum here..cum to agglutinate your thick work ass to chair with fake tag etched and keep staring.. ogling at the screen for hours and hours and houuuurs…
Don’t blink.
Don’t natter.
Don’t function.
Just : Slog ! Toil ! Moil !
Because it’s all golem here My love.. troops of droid.
Et eye ? Seulement une persona non grata mon amour. Indeed I am.


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