Flashes striking up

Bullets of drop

zooming in and zooming out

the blue. White.

Banging those grey cotton balls upon each other.

Crash ! Collide .

And the air piercing right through it

naked skin down the core.

Bone. Freezes!
Eye. Numbs!

Just the shivers..

3/14 and never this universe before.

snow. blank. Shaken stairs. Blank. Back! Blank! Back!

And everything hits me back about this day..

boozes.. beers.. buds.. cigs.. creams.. foods.. friends..

but never here. Never home..never this universe. 3/14 today and somewhat seems like the clock stuck on the 12th of the 13th and the 14th just tick tocking antickclock. Hah! And this mood swinging much faster with the A.G.E. hibernation under these thick Blank.E.T.S. eyes on D.I.S.C.O -B.L.O.O.D-B.A.T.H…bloody bloody bath birth bloody blood bloo-D-d-ay bleeding bloody black book.


I keep burning and borning out the ashes..

whelmed by the wishes though!


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