wrapped  in a pair of incommensurable clothing

covered under this thick layers of condemn

frigid thoughts:

they crack ! zoom !

soon shalt it be

whacked ? cleaved ?

possessed by these insecurities..

these dilemmas..

grinning! grinding!

you dont have sufficient defenses to avoid me

you dont have enough exit to  fucking escape me

just because i dont own some 3.5 inches hanging between my thighs

which does nothin but extend itself to some 6.5 inches

when it needs to be..

feeded ! shaked !

yes i have been concealed..

enslaved by this hypotrical rapid advanced state of moral decay

not to ever break the treaty..

the treaty ..they chocked me with

all long the genesis

when the sawbones miserably proclaimed ” oh its a girl

but never did she declared how many .

now trip over each

hold onto the other

between the mania and back

i am left with a zilch

hollow ! sunken !

nothing but these several Me’s.

and nothing but these fabricated decorum.

nothing but these everything :


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