People’ voices were like firing guns in my ear .

Million gallons of nitroglycerin! Denying to be a victimiser of flatter. lies. etiquette : i was safe. and the nonexistence of phone , watch , T.V , bike , friends; i was sane.. but I’m antisocial, they say. I don’t mix. It’s so strange. I’m very social indeed. Autumn says . and she sang me the communion , thots , invisible, shattered pieces..” My final plea. No one is coming to save me. No one is going to change things. The answers will not drop from the sky. I will not one day wake with a different disguise NOOOO! “.. it was  a huge black cloud.. forever..Above us.. chasing  .crushing . for hours and days and weeks. Nothing but to camouflage .. inside these four walls..incarcerated ! Forlorn in my own withering soul , my imagination became the universe.. and  rest of the world just gaped out..So had to.. you know..

she was kind..

she was funny..

different. fucked up. unstable. crazy…

But I  had to..

had to vanquish her.

sayonara AUTUMN !


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