Tik-Tok- Tic -Toc 

my head starts speeding up with rapid thoughts .. way too fast..chop-chop ! stumble ! collide ! bang ! cease !! Overwhelming confusion replaces clarity..The pendulum swings back and forth from transcendence to shards, a dangerous mess.. Everything previously pervadin’ one’s marrow..the feelings of ease. intensity. well-being. euphoria  is now against you ..all of a sudden this  irritability. angerness . anxiousness takes over…and u get stuck in the blackest caves of the mind…no it will never end. for  it carves its own reality.. no longer could i tell reality from fantasy: a complete illusion..

what i see isn’t what yu see..

i Am frightened, i am frightening, i am not at all like myself but will be soon:

But i know i won’t…


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