। मस्तिष्क नै ब्रह्माण्ड ।

चुम्बकत्व झैँ कर्षिउन् मेरा अन्तरिम निष्क्रिय सामर्थ्यले हरेक ती चित्रिएका अग्रीम पाइलाहरु…
प्रतिक्षणम् पोखुँन ती ज्ञानिक जलप्रलय..
र पुनः रित्तिएर भ्रमांडिक तिर्सित भइ दोहोरिन …
ती आकार..
ती आधार…
गहिरिन..स्वयंम् कुवामा, यो – जो
बर्दै बर्दै संगाल्नेद्दन् गोला ती चम्किला प्रतिबिम्ब मण्डललाई
र तैरिदै
म पनि ।
जिउन केवल ३ अंकित ध्वनि मात्र नभईकन उन्मिषतित् गर्न यस्का तालाका व्याख्याहरु …
सेकन्ड्का सुइँका पंक्तिहरुमा पखेटा फैलाएर नृत्य गर्न ..
पाङ्ग्राटिक ती गोला लहरमा…
तैरिएका ती चील झैँ..
माथि उपरिस्थ…
अधःतल सब छर्रस्प्रष्ट..
गठ्ठीएका निद्रा उम्कौन..
अख्तियार तिखार्न..
सोचलाई निखार्न..

न मात्र श्वासित् तर हुन संकू म जीवित पनि ।

Confession of eine convalescing withdrawn.

DTS has got my hours of hunkelheit all gulped down.

But the fact of being fastened still to the Mauer Uhr hits me hard…harder than the raindrops thwacking my ceiling frensder -after quite . a . long… just like me striping off this cocoon..it has been long..and i have been left on the far side of the real Time zone.

Conversed with my little ones . hundert days or more or so..they claimed – i am still the same but i could clearly collect the incertitude those gullible Augen hold..the uncertainty if i had changed.. for the Schwester they knew would had never forsaken them’ though all times in betweens’ but never.  this . such.  long..i wanted to pat their head and unveil how time had been a real shit but their blood has now risen above em all.  but NO! I swam into Taciturn..For I was jetzt behind the o’clock. I was LATE and FAR and LATE. Though , i have managed to sprint to step on the Zug on right zeit now: aber dennoch Everything else breathes late..Deadlines..Replies..Wishes..Condolences.. Oh ! I am still sucked unto those arms of Mauer zeitticker.

Himmel has halt the eruption. .

yet these soft Nieselregen dripples ..hanging and dropping onto the damp moist not so green green grasses..just like the ripples of realization on my ocean of unconscious state.. how in order to stabilize self – i had strayed symmetry with die Welt. How reveling self had steered me all disconnected. I plaudernd with my real ones too. They fragte mich if all was good. YES! i am fine..never been myself as much as i am now ; Never before .. but the Wahrheit again lingers around the corner.. that NO! i am not. This shedding process is taking quite long…still i am struggling to encounter with humans and I am müde of fictioning my Ma’ that YES i have been eating out with der Leute sometimes..while infact I had been facing these Tage when interraction macht mir Angst zu death..so  either I have locked drinnen or got lost draußen – in search for anything to keep me occupied. I wanted to clasp them and unveil how i had missed em all real bad. But NO! LATE. FAR. THE TACITURN.

Hours has leaped the variation..

and just like that i brauche not only to hold the grip of die Realität now but auch savour it . I cannot guarantee if i will ever figure out the Antworten to Warum i am this way or für wie lange now..But i have retrieved my reasons to bloom social along this bright colorful vibrant Vernal Equinox..For I do truly need solitude to remain intact but i need these kostbar assets more to keep me going…

मेरा यि महार्ह मणि..नित्यकालम् अन्तरतस् संरक्षित ।

The Eternal Recurrence

14 of the three of one 8..

The usual halbe slant echoes congruent even on this lebhaft neu veiled fluorescent moon. ceiling fendstered room..
Festooning imagination all groomed..annd..consumed..

Physical framework cocooned: Mental projection resumed..of. the..40 six and 2 karte across that seek..achieve ticking off in-front..

and i am snorkeling down the cache lane..of. the gone reign.

vanguarded by the conscience
equilibrizing the precarious transience

Ich habe gelernt now..

To mold these mes over i’s
Nirgendwo. . alle through self acceptance
diluting die disquietude with patience

Jahr by Jahr now..

this abrupt metamorphosis..honing for the gnosis
Beneath the blooming exotic vibrations
alle sind rooted my motivations. stimulations..

The Aurora has ascended now
The Ouroboros imparted

Two. 5

more and more..

eye am prolonging this Blithe

to hanker after the Weisheit..

surmounting the fear

confrontation und Persevere

For my life is all i have here

dieses Leben..


dieses Leben..

das einzige sovenier..
die einzige Sache, die ich verlasse,
ultimately.. at. the. rearrr..

Daily on a venture to make this existence count..From the flunks and learning... Nochmal have i mount| INTACT |


RasH SlasH Rapport ClasH !

Silence : than the riposte to a query.

“Hast Du any compadre gefunden ?” They catechizE..
I just gesticulate my head up and Down in disguisE.

Als ob !
It’s nothing but a Synthetic ersatz + Something one manufactures to enthral and strand ? For The sake of The fear of The lonelinesS, sinking into The accordance agora of deceptivenesS ..stacking up fiend: where R is lost.. forsooth R is but the Wirklichly Wichtig Which is not made but earned on Its own merit..all eventuating without The travail like =
LOA and 9.8 m/s2 g..
Weißt du !

ergo !
immer noch,
Ich mostly sail on my own Heavily populated solitude,
Harum-scarum of infinity and eternity.
gallivanting Alleine..
Lesen Alleine..

if it’s stumbling upon gOOd mortals. then yes i have aSSembled few claims..
them aNNonym friends beyond their names..
On bahns..
On thoroughfare..
like an aPParition droPPed among mine
grueLLing Zeits ouTTa nowhere..
or perhaps rapting mit Santa Maria. this taLL S-dominant unclaSSified Brazilianhybrid: Mexican holysilverpearl  =
THC and C8H11NO2..
Weißt du !

ich weiß es nichT. have not paradoxically been in KontaKt with meine Real ones..
Too beguiled within This evaporating interl..
To trigger The pneuma..
and trail The anima
o decipher The insouciance..
and mould The nucleus

eigens –
o enfold The MacrocosM
größeR  !
besseR   !
TiefeR – e   !

A selten sonntag morn

Heute –

Only have eye witnessed them rays
Floating down my skins
liebkosen my Seele
Not in any last Woche
Have die Pfade reflecteđ such warmth
All Though them leaves-
never halt dancing everyday.
But oh diese machtig unberechenbar weather
Succeeds to get es all back..everytime
More into a nicht gut aber
usual dead deutsch kleve tag
And I walk and walk and walk
While The lights have gone from rot to grün’
And the cathedral gloche has been ringing für minutenlang…
But i have standen still
Watching the crayons fill die himmel
Preety much still
Trynta Figure out ways
To separate the bows into sieben
When all I can weave is nearly..closely..only..5
Yea nevermind
I have started to confuse
my SADNESS over madness
So i light up the Feuer
and often smoke the coldness away.
Oft on this park in the Nachbarschaft
Barely with kinder
But one can hear them Baum singen
Mostly der hunde take stroll
Sometimes squirrel they visit by
But I swing and swing and swing

And smoke the kalT awwway…..



My Schulter hurts of dragging these along..
Guess die responsibilities are higher when you are all alone.

Einhundertvierundvierzig hours of being scattered
Finally fine dose of schlaf have i gathered
Amidst all doubts and uncertainities
Back and forth to Stadt and cities
I have found it .
More than die Suche thats now been done
I am glücklich for having kein debt to noone
Have stood tall
waay vorher the downfall
Not fucking owning to some homeland pal
And relying on thier so called mercy..
While it;s even hart for du to share your Tur’s key
There yu are still babbling shit about unity
Fuck your being eine among the same nationality
All you gave..was same ..lame..doubtfull stare
Well wirklich nicht did i swallow your fake care!
Thee see ..
even though my loved ones are not here. not near.
It’s the same blut we share..
And within . Wir sind connected
They are in my heart
Forever in my head
And untill I am dead..
Every fucking Sekunde
Ich bin charged with-
the strength
that holds me..
The traum that motivates me.
Even on my own
I am a Hurrikan
To break all the chain
With every pain..I have more to gain
I am a solo fighter
A believer
And I know’
Das morgen gonna be much more brighter..
After all..

You have to believe. .Not wish . not hope. not pray . not beg..you just have to beleive that there’s a way out of it and you will find it [Sic ]

The Eruption

13 or 31
and it begins…
The process of stowing up dreams and stepping into the juncture of struggle. Lurked by vigorous fragnance of independence. .dropped here. .into the nowhereland where reality seems hunted and symmetry distorted. Here.. I am..without being bedizened, an alien strolling down the unknown autumn paths. While this gelid Gale hasnot stopped penetrating through my bones .. every drop of them drizzle hits hard thrusting me into a realm of beleiving how one can be homesick and homeless at a same time but never hopeless.

13 and now it has begun..

To adhere to my roots and be stronger than ever.


अहम् एकः शीतक ।
अलस ..अलम ..
महालसा.. अत्यधिकम् निरुद्यम ।
आम्, तत् सत्यम् ,
गदायते प्रकामम् .
” बहिः संनिदाघ तिग्म दिवाकर परन्तु मनोदशा सङ्ग्रहम् निःसरति च ” वदति एतत् वाक्य वारं वारम् , वारं वारम्… एतादृशी सम्पूर्णम् दिनम् समतिवाहयति ।

एवंविध विलम्बन  । न परं कर्मन् अपि भक्षण ।

हे   जिन्दगी !

The Mere conundrum of Being

I wonder if it’s us fleeting away fast or if its the time accelerating way faster ?

Either way, we seem to loose grip over hours and possibilities and this so called “life”. Loosing grip huh! Yeah, talk about reality. But again Reality is boring. Truth is boring. This whole fucking planet is boring. Or maybe it’s us, that’s boring. We are so boring that we have to sporadically dip ourselves in a pickle jar to supersede all them species that this existence has been missing. Or maybe we are just bored. So bored that
We quit jobs.
Quit partying.
Quit almost anything sociable.

While there ..Most of them folks are already hitched and happy (Oh happy is such a dubious word) : Here we are… Half lives lived and still single. May be we are just not the dating material types or maybe its but the fear material instead : Fear of intimacy. Fear of commitment. Fear of dependency: Fear of how soon we might quit on LOVE too.

Such a disgrace to this invigorating age.  For all we are but insipid house-daughters gleaning stars from the ceiling and planting flowers on walls. ..Thinking at nights.. dreaming during lights. Either sleeping excessively or ne’er. For Sleep is boring. Since then you have to wake up each morning searching for the lost answers under your pillow – of – how could people be so happy ( why is happy such a dubious word? ) to wake at 6. Shit. Piss. Eat and ride couples hour to reach the toiling hole where you turn into some fucking automaton so you can acquire sweets outta your sweats ? Money, huh! Talk about what it can’t buy

It can buy you the mellifluous tune. Even A ticket to the moon..
Great view on afternoons from the wafting red hot air balloon..

Well ! it can buy you everything you don’t need..like extra boobs and artificial looks..cool extravagant gadgets that turn you into some zombie midgets. But all I want is fishes, but Nevermind : the thing is .. We seldom own this money thing, thy see. But When we do, Oh ! likea maniac , Mad . mad . we roam libraries and thrift stores and all roads less traveled. But mostly we don’t. But mostly we are broke as fuck. So we rather stay home , babbling with the non livings and then sobbing over random feelings. We are pathetic. The hills are our only hang out space. We are so pathetic that We squiz from the top and act as if we own it all..
The breeze..the trees
The clouds.. every vacant array between house’es
Has failed to own us.

Pigmenting our souls- rainbow and lungs- noir black, we wonder if it’s us that’s pathetic or maybe it is but the town. This ghastly town..overriped and busy; so pathetically  busy on thyselves to not care But gratify the other. Too busy that they don’t even have a sec to pick their stumbled echt up. No wonder everything is superficial here – but not the filth or the Flaks; myan Only the concrete jungles could multiply here  NOT US We can’t even behold the setting horizon merge into the floating blues here . Neither the reflection of rising rays on the diamond alps. But mostly We could never behold us as one among them here. May be we don’t fit in the pieces or maybe its just a wrong puzzle we are mislayed in.


 S O     B O R I N G  ! ! !



Words theyv been feeble
Waves much unstable
Wallowing on the spectrum
Of overruling phantasm:
And eye have become…
Nothing but an oddball-
| Certifiable |
tenebrous influence-
| Socially unacceptable |
Day by day getting more and more..
And All these Stoicism
All those optimism
Now have been
Swamped away by the skepticism
While every destructive mechanism –
The throat level
( choking )
And It is all inescapable
For them Crus are Tethered
Catatonic and unfeathered
I am
Every hit
of ripples
That I swallow
For this pond is
Way too shallow.
For me…